About Us

We at EthnoRoots are committed to imbibe, enhance & endorse the rich & diverse cultural heritage of India, mainly in the form of Apparels, Fabrics, jewelry, etc.

What we do?:

There are a countless number of printing, weaving and embroidery techniques in the country which are slowly fading away due to the outgrowth of industrialisation. Even when some brands in the country are trying to revive these ethnic crafts, there are a lot of middlemen involved which make the final product unjustifiably expensive and out of the reach of common people.

Thus, we at EthnoRoots commit to give full justice to the real artisans and try to bridge the gap between them and the customers.

This enables the extraordinarily talented artisans get the fair share for their craft, help them sustain a livelihood and above all preserve the cultural heritage which this country is known for.

The designs which we work out for our customers are very contemporary and suiting the needs of a modern day women. By using the traditional hand-block printing/ weaving & embroidery techniques, the final product is a mix of both worlds- Ethnic YET Contemporary!!

Our Mantra:

Comfort & Quality is the mantra for us. We believe that each of the piece curated by Ethnoroots should be a pleasant experience for the buyer, hence we don't compromise on the quality of the product.

Our Vision:

Ethnoroots is a small initiative to present Indian handlooms /techniques in a modern way, which in turn will empower the Indian artisans and thus, take the legacy forward.