About Us

We at Ethnoroots are committed to imbibe and enhance the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India mainly in the form of its vivid arts & crafts.

The handloom industry in India suffered a major setback during the British era. We wish to support the artisans of India and bring them to the centre stage. Our vision is to make the new age Indians who are oriented towards fast fashion - understand the true worth of our rich handcrafted attires. 

At Ethnoroots, we try to amalgamate different handlooms, handblock prints and hand-embroideries to create sustainable and contemporary classics.We are working with artisans from remote villages of Rajasthan and Kutch in Gujarat to create handcrafted sarees, dupattas & suits sets while trying to incorporate more and more traditional Indian crafts as possible.

The love for the handloom crafts is what shows in our products. It is handcrafted by artisans who live in villages and have learnt this craft from their forefathers. The water, temperature and soil of the particular region is apt to add beauty to the art created by them. Then it is passed on to our women artisans living in another village .They thoughtfully add value to the product in the form of various stitching and embroideries which they have been practising and learning since generations. All this is done with a lot of insight, care and love for their craft. This makes our product not only exclusive and one of its kind but also imparts a touch of warmth and love to it.

Our Promise:

Our Promise is to always stay authentic! In the present era of industrialization, anything done with hands can be replicated on a machine to create a similar looking product. 

Many companies in the quest to deliver products fast and at cheaper rates; turn to making cheap copies of the original craft. Our promise is to always stay authentic and deliver handcrafted products created by artisans who have been practising their craft lineage for generations and try to preserve the heritage textile and crafts which India is known for.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to not only revive and enhance the crafts but also help and brace-up the craftsmen we work with. Be it the women artisans in the villages or the craftsmen who dye and hand print the fabrics; we make sure they do it with all heart and smiles. They are the custodians of the age-old traditional art forms and we always feel the urge to keep up with them or else these crafts will be lost forever. Also in the present times when sustainability has become a ‘trend’ we realise that all the traditional techniques of textiles in India have always been sustainable to their core. Hence, Ethnoroots brings to their customers products that are made by the earth and for the earth. All the practises, fabrics & colours are environment-friendly and made in small batches.

When you wear Ethnoroots, you wear not only a piece of art, history & culture but also the innumerable stories of our artisans. You wear your Ethnic roots!